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A Vaxxer Explains Freedom

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I was upset so I decided to talk to my friend Deke. You know him. He likes dogs, cats, wine and he had a pet sheep once. He's a smart guy. He reads stuff. Like whole articles, not just the headline.

“The government wants to take away our liberties, making us wear masks. And getting vaccines that might kill you. We are sheep to the slaughter."

Deke moved another two meters away. And opened a window. “Which government?”

ALL of them, “ I replied

“We fought a war against the British to stop them vaccinating us”, I pointed out.

Deke smiled. He was wearing a mask with a hole in it for the straw to his glass of wine.

“I think that war was about other things”, he said.

“Yeah I know, King George didn’t have vaccines but it was about the principles of freedom and liberty, which means about masks and vaccines later”.

“Ok”, said Deke mildly. “What about COVID?”

“Hah! That’s what King George said, “What about….?”

“In that case, don’t we compromise our freedoms for other thing? The Draft, for example. ”

“That is different. We must depend our country”. I put my hand over my heart.

“OK. drug laws then? Heroin doesn’t hurt anybody but maybe you --and maybe less that Ritalin’, which is chemically the same as crystal meth."

“That’s different, too. Heroin destroys society. Happy, high people on a opiate don’t work very well just smile at the sunshine --and Ritalin makes you focus on the job.”

“OK, peeing in public. Can’t do that unless you are a dog.”

That’s different. It’s offensive to see a guy’s dick except on Pornhub.

“ Seat belts?"

“Nah!. I don’t want my insurance to go up.”

“Drinking and driving?”

“ You endanger people’s lives.”

“Not wearing a mask or not getting a vaccine endangers others, too.”

I had an answer for that!

“If you run over someone when you’re drunk, you know who done it. The police are gonna catch you . But you don’t usually know who gave who the virus. And most people don’t die. And anyway, nobody’s gonna catch you”.

Deke sighed. As he always does when he's losing the argument.

“Seems to me that we give up our liberties, as you call them, pretty often. We don’t know how effective masks are, true, statistics show they may help a little, at least reducing viral load. We don’t know how effective vaccines are but they reduce the chance of hospitalization—and are, again statistically safer than the virus. When you wear a mask and get vaccinated you not only act to save yourself, you act to save others.” Deke and took off his mask.

“My friend George just got the virus and it’s not fun”, he said.

Omigod, I thought. “I know George, too! Please, please put your mask back on”.

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