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A universal vaccine?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Get angry!

You are being fucked. And you probably don’t even know it.

Wikipedia has recently published a new article on COVID variants.

Read it. It supports what I wrote a lot earlier – that what we call “COVID” is not one thing but a whole family of viruses, each with different characteristics and varying degrees of infectivity and lethality, with probable origins in earlier SAR CoV viruses

Despite what the mainstream media says, the newest addition to the family—Omicron-- is not the end of the Pandemic; nor does presage a return to “Normal”, whatever that is. Nor is it necessarily any less harmful overall.

Early on we knew a lot less about coronaviruses. Our present vaccines are therefore based on an outdated and partial understanding: they are really immunological band aids.

What is needed is a coordinated scientific effort to produce a vaccine that works for ALL variants and provides 100% protection against infection. Is a “universal vaccine” possible?

Is a universal vaccine possible?


That has been the scientific consensus for a long time.

Virologist Linfa Wang who works out of Duke-NUS Medical School has been studying bat-borne viruses for literally decades. When Wang studied vaccinated survivors of SARS CoV 1, he discovered they had developed something like “super antibodies” that protected them against, as far as he could see, ALL zoonotic coronaviruses.

And so does the US Army, which is already working on such a vaccine.

So, what’s the holdup?

Simply the greed of Big Pharma.

A lot of rich people have become a lot richer peddling vaccines that are effective against a limited range of variants, for just a few months. A universal vaccine would kill their cash cow. Although the US taxpaper-funded the development of mRNA technologies, Pfizer and Moderna own the patents and they just aren’t going to share, leaving the rest of the world to create their own stopgap measures.

The Duke researchers asked for grant way back in 2020 to create a universal vaccine: it was refused because somebody somewhere “didn’t see the need”


Now, two years later, Fauci and the CDC are coming out in favor of a universal vaccine. Duke has finally got its grant.

A lot of people died while Duke was waiting. But that wasn’t why they got the

grant. The uncharitable will say that it was because Fauci felt it was time to cash in his stock options in Pfizer and Moderna.

Why won't you get a universal vaccine for another million deaths?

The real reason is geo-political -- if the US doesn’t develop such as a vaccine someone else will. God forbid that the Chinese or the Cubans or the Russians do it – and provide it free worldwide. Of course, they are already working on it. They are behind in mRNA R&D but they are catching up – fast.

The US can probably have the WHO delay certification of vaccines created outside the Empire, as they have with the current Russian and Cuban vaccines but what if they are created by an “ally” like Japan or Israel?

In the meantime, we have to deal with Omicron, the most infectious virus to date. The media are peddling the story that it is no big deal. That’s propaganda. Omicron is still dangerous -- it will still kill immunocompromised people or the “Co-Morbid”.

Worse, it is already flooding hospitals, making it difficult for people with other conditions to get treatment. AND – we have yet to discover the long-term effects of coronaviruses on biological function and longevity. Your symptoms may be mild or non-existent. But that doesn’t mean you are not damaged.

Get angry. If you don't nothing changes. Rage, rage against the dying.

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