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  • A universal vaccine?

    Get angry! You are being fucked. And you probably don’t even know it. Wikipedia has recently published a new article on COVID variants. Read it. It supports what I wrote a lot earlier – that what we call “COVID” is not one thing but a whole family of viruses, each with different characteristics and varying degrees of infectivity and lethality, with probable origins in earlier SAR CoV viruses Despite what the mainstream media says, the newest addition to the family—Omicron-- is not the end of the Pandemic; nor does presage a return to “Normal”, whatever that is. Nor is it necessarily any less harmful overall. Early on we knew a lot less about coronaviruses. Our present vaccines are therefore based on an outdated and partial understanding: they are really immunological band aids. What is needed is a coordinated scientific effort to produce a vaccine that works for ALL variants and provides 100% protection against infection. Is a “universal vaccine” possible? Is a universal vaccine possible? Yes. That has been the scientific consensus for a long time. Virologist Linfa Wang who works out of Duke-NUS Medical School has been studying bat-borne viruses for literally decades. When Wang studied vaccinated survivors of SARS CoV 1, he discovered they had developed something like “super antibodies” that protected them against, as far as he could see, ALL zoonotic coronaviruses. Prof Tomohiro Kurosaki, from the WPI Immunology Frontier Research Centre at Osaka University in Japan agrees. And so does the US Army, which is already working on such a vaccine. So, what’s the holdup? Simply the greed of Big Pharma. A lot of rich people have become a lot richer peddling vaccines that are effective against a limited range of variants, for just a few months. A universal vaccine would kill their cash cow. Although the US taxpaper-funded the development of mRNA technologies, Pfizer and Moderna own the patents and they just aren’t going to share, leaving the rest of the world to create their own stopgap measures. The Duke researchers asked for grant way back in 2020 to create a universal vaccine: it was refused because somebody somewhere “didn’t see the need” . Now, two years later, Fauci and the CDC are coming out in favor of a universal vaccine. Duke has finally got its grant. A lot of people died while Duke was waiting. But that wasn’t why they got the grant. The uncharitable will say that it was because Fauci felt it was time to cash in his stock options in Pfizer and Moderna. Why won't you get a universal vaccine for another million deaths? The real reason is geo-political -- if the US doesn’t develop such as a vaccine someone else will. God forbid that the Chinese or the Cubans or the Russians do it – and provide it free worldwide. Of course, they are already working on it. They are behind in mRNA R&D but they are catching up – fast. The US can probably have the WHO delay certification of vaccines created outside the Empire, as they have with the current Russian and Cuban vaccines but what if they are created by an “ally” like Japan or Israel? In the meantime, we have to deal with Omicron, the most infectious virus to date. The media are peddling the story that it is no big deal. That’s propaganda. Omicron is still dangerous -- it will still kill immunocompromised people or the “Co-Morbid”. Worse, it is already flooding hospitals, making it difficult for people with other conditions to get treatment. AND – we have yet to discover the long-term effects of coronaviruses on biological function and longevity. Your symptoms may be mild or non-existent. But that doesn’t mean you are not damaged. Get angry. If you don't nothing changes. Rage, rage against the dying.

  • Twitter Censorship

    A shorter version is available as a podcast. Robert W Malone, a pioneer in mRNA technology has been suspended from Twitter --probably for not conforming to Big Pharma’s line, as expressed by the American Hi-Tech super cartel of social and corporate media, and tech companies -- to which Twitter belongs. I say "probably" because Twitter never explains its bans. Let us be clear: Malone is NOT an antivaxxer. He has been vaccinated himself. He argues that the coronavirus family --popularly --if incorrectly --called “COVID19”-- does not put children and young people at risk as much as the mRNA vaccines and also the AstraZeneca vaccine which use technologies never used for this purpose before. Statistically speaking he is correct. Malone advocates vaccinating ALL co-morbid --or older people who are at risk from COVID. In the case of co-morbid people, the danger of vaccine side effects rises -- but the virus is a much, much worse threat. Older people—over 50 – however, experience few problems. Malone has is a legitimate argument, which needs to be discussed. “Cancelling” him tends to label him as an “antivaxxer” when he is anything but . Worse, it boosts the zombie anti-vaxxer argument, always ill-informed, conspiracist reactionary and unscientific, distracting us from the important issues that Malone’s carefully nuanced and scientifically accurate statements raise. The neo-luddite AntiVaxxers say “See, they are banning one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet, as far as mRNA vaccines are concerned. Why? What are they hiding? What is their agenda?” And from these points, which are of course, true they can jump to less-true notions, such as government mind control and institutional fascism, and from there to such absurdities as all vaccines are harmful. Let us look at these questions … Why is Malone being censored? Simply because he drawing attention to the problems of mRNA vaccines, which are a matters of documentable fact, especially their experimental nature and their reliance on technologies about which there is little scientific consensus. Malone knows about this better than anyone. Just because a technology is new does not mean it is better, despite what Amerikans believe. Big Tech cannot force people to take vaccines—not directly. Nor can governments. But they can convince and coerce --laundering media narrative so vaccines seem the only answer, in other words, they can “manufacture consent”. Or, so they think. Because in this case--with transparent attempts to censor -- they are really not manufacturing any kind of agreement with their positions but dissent instead. Underlying everything is neoliberalism itself. The most successful form of fascism ever invented, since it convinces people they are free when they are not, a kind of mass hypnosis. What are they hiding? Big Tech, as I said, is a cartel, just like the drug cartels in Columbia--and in some ways more dangerous. Big Pharma is also part of an odious cabal to which Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the corporate media and various mega corporations belong. One for all. All for one. The "one" part of this being the One Percent. Malone was previously banned on Linkedin for noting the conflict of interest involved in the Chairman of Thomson Reuters sitting on the board of Pfizer. As a molecular biologist, Malone has been taught to be skeptical, skepticism being the basis of all science -- so he questions the safety of an experimental vaccine. Whistleblower reports indicate that Pfizer and Moderna have been fixing the results of trial tests, at least in some cases, while making sure that vaccines, such as Sputnik and the Cuban vaccines which offer competitive efficacy, are cheaper and offer greater safety do not reach the markets of the American Empire. What are they hiding? Naturally, Big Pharma is working hard to undermine whistleblower legislation, not that hard in the US and UK, which sees truthtellers as enemies of the state. So, Twitter has risen to the challenge of enforcing his opinion. If you Google Malone, you will also see a lot of anti-Malone propaganda in the corporate media, although some of it like the Wikipedia article on him is quite subtle since it is factual but one-sided, noting criticism of his views but not support. There is a Malone "narrative", just as their is a Russia "narrative and a China "narrative. Control the narrative—control people’s minds—and actions. How we understand anything is all about information. And most people rely on media for information. . Bill Gates, who is the second largest funder of the WHO after the US, is on the record as urging world governments to punish anyone who questions vaccine mandates, which of course Malone is doing. Admittedly, Gates’s “agenda” is more altruistic than Big Pharma’s – which is transparently, just profit whereas for Gates it is a matter of philosophy. Gates has all the money he needs, but he subscribes to Steven Pinker’s Hobbesian, neo-Calvinist theories of human nature which are the Bible of the corporate world (and which I have dealt with elsewhere)-- namely that human beings are born not so much evil as brutes – at least most of them—identifiable by not having a billion dollars. These animals need to be controlled by their betters. They need to be trained. That’s neoliberalism rationalizing fascism. Agendas. So what is Twitter’s (and the media's) agenda? For Twitter, it is a kind of virtue signaling by its new CEO. Signals? To whom? To Big Pharma and Gates and the US elites, of course. I do not agree with Malone. I would argue that no Pandemic can be controlled except through universal vaccination. Smallpox killed a billion people until we got a vaccine. Universal vaccination would mean, however, lifting intellectual property protections and enforcing mandatory vaccinations, which, of course, would not be possible without socialized medicine, to ensure safety. Medicare for profit is ultimately an ethical contradiction. Every vaccine has a risk factor—as do all treatment regimens—for all diseases. Yes, aspirin can kill. And overdosing during the Spanish flu' killed thousands. It is also true that, unlike the polio and smallpox vaccines, the current COVID vaccines do not offer long-term or complete immunity, Better results would only come if the US and other developed countries would share data and give up patent protection. But does Big Pharma want its cash cow, COVID, to go away? The profit motive is sociopathic. Universal vaccination and the development of really effective vaccines would require global cooperation, if only because this family of viruses was generated by globalization. Worse-- our world-spanning mega-societies have created a perfect cosmic petri dish to conjure up something a lot more fatal. Without worldwide collaboration, the virus will continue to thrive, mutate and adapt. A pandemic virus is at war with the human race. No one gets to opt out in this battle. Refusing vaccines is refusing to fight. Don't be a coward. Get vaccinated. Get your kids vaccinated. That said, we have to look with a critical eye at hi-tech solutions while at the same time encouraging testing and criticism -- and, if necessary, opting for the kind of the tried and true solutions that the Russians and especially the Cubans have innovated. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sources,production%20of%20antibodies%20against%20the%20spike%20protein%20%28S%29.

  • Survival in the End Times

    I wrote this as an "Op-Ed. It was time for a new one, which is up. So, this is a revised version as a blog post. The Mortality Plateau If you make it to 80 in good health, there is a "mortality plateau", with the risk of death declining over the next few decades. Yes, you can live to 120! if you are older than 70 today, you may see your grandchildren die before you. But you are not immortal. A kid born today faces: pandemics and disease, war, starvation, and rising temperatures  that will make many parts of the world uninhabitable. Our civilization has an imperial mindset: it seeks to conquer--everything-- especially Nature.  But Nature fights back--and always wins--keeping in mind that "nature" is not extrinsic, it is as much inside as outside. If we don't' pay attention to both our own "nature" and that of the ecosystem, we die. Evolution Matters Yet, that does not have to be. We evolved to be a certain kind of animal.  Highly social -- playful-- always learning and developing -- bound to each other by love and understanding and sharing -- and bound to the natural world in the same way. That's when we were hunters and gatherers. Then came climate change, migrations, and adaptation to sedentism, the invention of agriculture and animal husbandry, slavery, property, a word, civilization. "Normal" and "natural" became two different things. Now, we face climate change again. Neoliberal civilization is collapsing. Once again we must adapt. How will we survive?

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  • Ageing Younger: Longevity

    Genes 'R Us Age Younger! OP ED (Weekly or when I get time) You have probably noticed a lot of articles here about "neurodivergence" --a grab bag of "cognitive conditions", which the Psych' community used to consider "abnormal" but now in these Woke times are "disorders", "treated" by drugs (all hail Big Pharma) or therapy (bend a knee to the APA and DSM V). "Neurodivergence" includes everything from Tourette's to epilepsy to schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder to ASD and ADHD, with the last two most in the news since Elon Musk claimed to be an Aspie. ​ ADHD and Asperger's are associated with certain genes. For ADHD, it is DRD4 R7 allele which has been called "the Genius Gene" since most geniuses have it; the Wanderlust Gene if you like to travel; the "Slut Gene" if you really LOVE sex; the Adventure Gene if you like jumping out of airplanes or climbing mountains; and finally the Longevity Gene since a surprising number of centenarians --70%-- have it. Asperger's by contrast, is associated with GABRB3 which, in concert with other genes, is an indicator for hype empathy --and therefore hype altruism. Julian Assange and Greta Thunberg both have Asperger's. The "lack of empathy" sometimes ascribed to ASD people is often just oversensitivity to other's feelings and a reaction to "not fitting in" -- the "Outsider" syndrome. ​ In our evolutionary history, these "disorders" were common among hunters and gatherers because they conferred survival advantages and were often found in combination. ​ Yes, you can have both . I do. shhhhh.... Evolution! Recent Posts A universal vaccine? Why no one-shot vaccine with full immunity for ALL coronaviruses. It's possible. Read Assange: the Crime of NeuroDivergence What did the greatest journalism of the last hundred years do wrong to be tortured to death by the US of A? Read OMICRON: THE PANIC BUTTON? COVID19. COVID20 COVID21. Not ONE disease, but SEVERAL. What you need to know about vacccines. Read Why Greta sees reality and you don't Normopathy.Controlled Hallucination.Executive Function. Honesty makes a difference Read Diet made easy: but should you eat rats? A good diet makes you younger and it can be easy. Read Can or should you hire neurodivegent people? Neurodivergence = creativity. But can they fit into corporate life? Read Twitter Censorship The Ministry of Truth bans Robert Malone. Do not think. Just follow what the media tells you. Read OMICRON: AFRAID? Omicron. If you are not afraid of Omicron, you should be of its successor. Read Nature versus Nurture? Nature vs nurture? Needs vs wants?. Raw or cooked? Prehistoric Cultures. All ya need is love. Epigenetics. Falcon or chicken? Read The Bruce Lee Diet : Get Fit Eat better -- look better and live longer. Read Reverse Ageing Through Diet 1 Don't like wrinkles -- eat right. You are what you eat. Read Survival in the End Times How will you survive the End Times? Read The Gift of Difference Are ADHD and ASD just "different"? Can they save our civilization? Read The "Natural Diet": Is your ass fat? Bugs are better than beef.Omnivores all.Your needs are complicated!Your ancestors knew better.The Ancestral Diet Read Counseling? There are no experts. Who's Qualified? We live in the Age of Experts. We spend billions on "experts", probably two-thirds of it wasted money. Recently, there... Read Food: When the Stone Age Meets Modernity You didn't evolve to eat at MacDonalds. Man is not a hunter: women are. Read

  • How technology can help curb attention disorders

    < Back How technology can help curb attention disorders Sarah Jones 2023年3月19日 This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. This is placeholder text. To change this content, double-click on the element and click Change Content. Want to view and manage all your collections? Click on the Content Manager button in the Add panel on the left. Here, you can make changes to your content, add new fields, create dynamic pages and more. Your collection is already set up for you with fields and content. Add your own content or import it from a CSV file. Add fields for any type of content you want to display, such as rich text, images, and videos. Be sure to click Sync after making changes in a collection, so visitors can see your newest content on your live site. Previous Next

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