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  • A younger face -- NOW?

    Scientists have developed a new technique for rejuvenating skin cells. This technique using "Yamanaka" factors has allowed researchers to rewind the cellular biological clock by around 30 years according to molecular measures, significantly longer than previous reprogramming methods. The partially rejuvenated cells showed signs of behaving more like youthful cells in experiments simulating a skin wound. This research, although in early stages, could eventually have implications for regenerative medicine. It has already been replicated in other cell types, notably the heart muscle.

  • Avocados are heartful

    A 30-year study of more than 110,000 health professionals found that participan ts who ate at least two servings of avocado a week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who rarely ate avocados. Replacing animal products like butter, cheese or bacon with avocado was also associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease events.

  • Coffee: longer life!

    Good news for coffee lovers: According to the American College of Cardiology -- drinking coffee -- particularly two to three cups a day -- is not only associated with a lower risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms but also with living longer, according to recent studies. These trends held true for both people with and without cardiovascular disease. Researchers said the analyses -- the largest to look at coffee's potential role in heart disease and death -- provide reassurance that coffee isn't tied to new or worsening heart disease and may actually be heart protective.

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  • Wake up early: kill depression

    < Back Wake up early: kill depression Science Direct 2021年3月17日 On the other hand, you need enough sleep! Wake with the sun. Sleep when the sun sets. It's evolution, silly! click here: Previous Next

  • | Ageing Young

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  • Ageing Younger: Longevity

    ​ Age Younger! Ageing Young is a radical theory of human evolution. The key to our evolution is simply that we a special kind of animal: we never grow up. We are all Peter Pan. Yes, you can live to 120. On this site, we explore the science behind all this – as well as strategies for all kinds of fitness, mental, physical, spiritual and social. Age really is just a number. Shhhhh.... Evolution! Coffee kills cancer (News Medical net) Ageing is Sageing (Max Plank Institute) Huge increase in ADHD among girls DID YOU KNOW? Stuff you need to read The return of ADHD? (Pete Turner) ADHD an evolutionary advantage? (Peter B Gray PhD) A cat of dog is your brain's best friend (American Academy of Neurology) Cognitive decline is NOT inevitable. (Amsterdam Alzheimer Center and Clinical Genetics) Avocados are heartful (American Heart Association) A younger face--NOW? (Brabham Institute) Recent Posts The "Slut" Gene? Had a one night stand. It could your genes. Read GENIUS IS A DISORDER If ADD or Asperger's are disorders, so is genius. Read Coping with COVID Anxiety Anxious about the future? There is an answer. Read Can Masks Save the World? Masks may not save the world. But you can. Read Can nature cure autoimmune diseases? Cure Crohn's, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis naturally without drugs. Science says yes.' Read Wolves Make Us Human Wolves matter. Save wolves and you save humanity. Read Wolf Lives Matter Evolution is interaction. Our interaction with wolves changed us Read Community--the Secret to Longevity? Longevity is the result of many things. Love matters a lot. Read Are Fried Roaches Really the Future? Things are a--changing in the AI Age. Read Eating smarter: looking cuter! Puppies are cute. And nowadays both men and women want to look "cute", as well as, of course, " smart"?. Fat people don't look... Read Reverse age-related memory loss ? Reverse ageing? Yes, at least some things! Read The Man on the Silver Mountain Lazy (2). How to be fit without trying Read The Missing Link In Human Evolution: Dogs We could not have evolved without dogs. Read GENIUS IS A DISORDER 2 Did Einstein have ADHD? Why are ALL geniuses bad at school? (Or ARE they really?) Read Living Longer with an Animal Family Can you live forever? Ageing slows down after 75 or 80. It's called "the mortality plateau". Read A Vaxxer Explains Freedom I was upset so I decided to talk to my friend Deke. You know him. He likes dogs, cats, wine and he had a pet sheep once. He's a smart... Read A younger face -- NOW? Babraham Institute Apr 10 Avocados are heartful American Heart Associaiton Apr 1 Coffee: longer life! American College of Cardiology Mar 30 Cognitive decline is not inevitable Batya Swift Yasgur, MA Feb 27 A dog or cat is your brain's best friend American Academy of Neurology Feb 24 Drink coffee to live longer? News Medical Net Feb 6 Psychology Today: ADHD an evolutionary advantage? Peter B Gray PHD Feb 5

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