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Julian Macfarlane Counseling

I have done counseling in Japan for over thirty years with great success for people with lifestyle, relationship and vocational issues. As a Canadian, I counsel in English but my long history here gives me insight into cultural issues that many lack.   Some of the people that I have helped have been foreigners – most are Japanese or Asian.  

My range is wide: everything from trauma counseling to love relationships to marital issues to work relationships and corporate problems.

I am not a certified psychologist or psychiatrist, although I am familiar with most “clinical” approaches.  I do not subscribe to the “medical model”. I do not believe most mental “illnesses” are “illnesses” in the sense that psychiatric industry think they are.In my opinion, there is a place for "certified" clinicians but "training" can be an impediment since most people's problems don't fit neatly into a predefined box. We are all on one spectrum or another.

I look at and for your "uniqueness" -- also, “situations”, habits of thought and feeling, and behavioral strategies.

My goal is not “therapy”: it is growth.  I provide insight and strategies to apply for that purpose.   A lot of the “work” is outside the session. (Yes, I give homework!)

Counseling is a relationship.  The first session (online, videophone) is free.  At the end of that you will decide if you want more sessions.  And I will decide if I want to take your case.  You should read my article on counseling here.

If you do decide to continue with me after the evaluation session and I accept you, the sessions are 50 minutes, 10,000 yen each.

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