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The "Natural Diet": Is your ass fat?

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Kim Kardashian doesn't like her big butt. Well, what can she do about it? Some of that bottom blubber is genetics. It's called "steatopygia", which is most common among people's living in harsh or marginal environments, a way of storing energy and water.

Overall, of course, Kim carries too much weight. And she has made an effort to diet and with the low carb Atkins 40 diet of 1800 kcal--on which she lost 31 kg. after pregnancy -- which is a LOT-- and indicative of metabolic issues.

The problem I suspect is both genetics and lifestyle, bearing in mind that any diet like Atkins 40 is hard to stay on continuously, and how much of her diet and exercise routine is just PR is hard to know. Obviously, the Kardashians are very good at PR. Whatever she's doing, she's doing it wrong. I suspect that her much touted diet-exercise routine is just that -- touting to go with the pouting. Touty-pouty is the "look" these days. She may follow the routine off and on and then binge with her celebrity friends. That ass is the give away.

She certainly doesn't look anything like this.

Bugs are better than beef?

Atkins, Paleo, Carnivore. Diets are Big Business. Not just for Kim. The American meat industry pours millions into selling you juicy red meat steaks-- and are naturally supportive.

These diets DO work, by reducing overall calories -- but they are not as healthy as you think. Neither are they "natural" in the sense that they represent optimum nutrition in evolutionary terms. While we don't know much about prehistoric nutrition, we obviously did not evolve to eat omelets or steak. And all protein is not created equal.

What has more protein? Beef or bugs? Bugs.

Of course, modern pesticides make bugs dangerous to eat. And who knows what roaches in a bodybuilding gym eat? Naturally, they are not included in the USDA which does not do business with large bug farms--not yet anyway. Still, 80% of the world's population include bugs in their diet.

Take the common cricket.

In addition to protein, crickets are high in many other nutrients, including fat, calcium, potassium, zinc, magnesium, copper, folate, biotin, pantothenic acid, and iron.

One study found that the iron content of crickets was 180% higher than that of beef. Plus, the crickets were higher in calcium and the B vitamin riboflavin than meat products like chicken, pork, and beef (6Trusted Source)

Add that chitin, the exoskeleton, that is a prebiotic and stimulates the production of "good" bacteria in your gut -- up to 5.7 times

People who eat crickets have less heart disease. And body builders look for cricket protein to increase their indicate of BCAAs.

Omnivores all

We are neither carnivores-- nor vegans. We are omnivores. The hunter gatherer diet was / is diverse, perhaps 200 different species of plants and animals over a year.

Note the absence of cows.

And the presence of snails. Go Molluscs, go! Were the Coahuiltecans proto-French?

Molluscs loads of protein plus omega 3 fatty acids and other good stuff.-- loads of B12, zinc, potassium, selenium, zinc and copper--and snails are just land-based mollusc

Not that Real American Men eat oysters -- or frogs-- or snails, like the French...

And...(ugh!) LIberals!

Real Americans want things simple. And big .Like a Big Mac. Big tits. Kim's ass. In other words, Joe USA is into Fat.

The human body needs fat and dietary fats, too. But our nutritional needs are really, really complicated--right down to the molecular level. Which is why a lot of people live on packaged nutritional detritus from the Convenience Store.

ABC -- the Mantra

Sheer sloth drives most people back to the USDA pyramid or My Plate-- aka Food Company Propaganda.

And then we agonize about our asses, like Kim. Or our weeny biceps.

The USDA says you need carbs for energy and protein for maintaining muscles. But it is also selling cereals for that industry, which is something that we did not eat for about 40,000 years.

Veggies, fruits, and grain are all different kinds of carbs, with grains and a few fruits such as avocados also supplying protein and each food having some benefits. Dairy is protein, fat, carbs, and calcium, although we are the only animal that thrives on milk from another species and a lot of people are lactose intolerant. Our ancestors got a lot of their carbs from veggie sources -- and, of course, tubers.

Schools teach the A, B, Cs of vitamins, along with the ABCs of sex, politics, and everything else. ABC is a Pavlovian metaphor-mantra applied to lots of things to get you salivating or running away in fear. Which is why it the name of a media network and store chains.

As a child, you learn vaguely about minerals like calcium and zinc. As an adult, while on the internet searching Pornhub, you have heard terms like “micronutrient” and “phytonutrient”, stuff in produce and of course supplements which are heavily marketed.

Your Mom told you to eat your broccoli or you would die, so you still eat it religiously, slathered in butter and ketchup. You will eat oysters only if you have ED. Caution: viagra should not be taken with food.

"I have needs"!! Interaction

Like sex, good nutrition all so complicated -- but actually easy. You want to get laid but is aint easy. You want a tighter ass -- but how? As with sex, it's all about interaction.

For example, that Beta-carotene is just one of a few hundred carotenoids, that Vitamin E comes in various forms of tocotrienols and tocopherols, and that too much of the alpha form can increase your cancer risk by depleting the gamma form. So the vitamin pills you take might be doing you harm.

You know that the body manufactures some vitamins like D all on its own—but not really since you need sunlight. You may have heard that your body actually makes a whole range of other substances such as melatonin, 5-ALA, and endocanniboids with nutrient metabolism affected positively or negatively by many factors. You are not a Food Moron but you are not a molecular biologist either.

Your ancestors knew better

Our ancestors didn’t agonize about what was in their diet or "interaction". But then again they didn't worry about getting fat either. Or fat asses, which were sexy for the San Bushmen.

They just ate what they could get. They did not listen to Dr Mercola -- they listened to their gut. Emotions and habits were a priori to integrated into a natural ecosystem, which provided for their needs. Hungry in the morning? Eat a few berries. Or a bug or two. Guess what! The berries contain all sorts of phytochemicals and antioxidants; and, as we saw, a bug is full of good stuff.

In a state of nature, with sufficient resources, we would eat up to 100 different species of plant over the year, not to mention multiple animal, bird, fish and insect species, with a significant amount of fiber. Yes, they liked meat. But unlike modern people, who eat what is essentially the least nutritious part of an animal - -our ancestors ate everything—bone marrow, organs—the whole lot. The Iroquois would cook and season their meat – with highly nutritious…wait for it…maggots.

Our ancestors also had a sweet tooth--satisfied through sweet saps, honeys, berries and fruits, which offered a wide range of micronutrients.

Hunter gathers today live in marginal environments. Once they lived in optimal environments andwere a lot better nourished than the average American. Our ecosystem is not natural – it is consumerist and commercial. Your choices are programmed and conditioned and therefore not free choices at all.

Our ancestors had the forest, with huge selection. The "Garden" was a fucking jungle.

We have convenience stores with packaged poisons. Our ancestors food preferences were determined by availability and natural need; ours by advertising – and, of course, by Mom and Dad and our friends. When was the last time you went out for dinner with the guys and ordered a meal-worm pizza? God is Monsanto.

Of course, it is hard to know about ancestral diets because our ancestors didn’t have he Internet to publsih their diet -exercise programs like Kim.

And today’s hunter gatherer groups are mostly homeless people in LA or shoplifting hackers. We culturally neutered by the modern world. Once ,we lived in harmony with nature. It was inside us– not a hundred klicks away in a park-- nor one click away on PornHub..

Paleo diets are popular and maybe even a step up.

But we can be sure, however, that our ancestors didn’t eat anything like the modern Paleo Diet, which is based on the false theory of Man the Hunter covered in my previous articles and designed for middleclass Americans. The Paleo Diet is really the Neanderthal Diet. The Neanderthals ate a lot of meat after they were forced north into marginal habitats by the newly evolved Homo Sapiens . Maybe that's why they died out!

Not "diet" -- lifestyle

Kim Kardashian reportedly gave up pizza and ice cream for the Atkins 40 diet. Looking at her ass, I guess she occasionally binge eats and refreshes her fat stores. This is natural because all "diets' reflect a lifestyle, which reflects a cosmology.

The Ancestral "Diet" was a lifestyle -- it depended on what was available, our wanderings, and the season, so it changed constantly. But the huge variety, except in marginal areas, provided us with the broadest spectrum of nutrition. Our biomes were also healthier since we were nomadic. We had loads of bacteria in our guts -- and even worms but not the really nasty kind that evolved in concert with agriculture and the use of human excrement as fertilizer.

Like other primates we self-medicated, for example with cannabis leaves and seeds, which-- along with their other health benefits-- are anti-parasitic. Today, you just need a joint of ease the pain of Hollywood celebrity culture.

What did we eat?

· Animal Protein. Wild meat, birds, fish, eggs, insects, reptiles, molluscs.

· Nuts and seeds, including wild grains, wild rice and rye

· Fruits, including oily fruits such olives and avocados

· Vegetables

· Mushrooms

· Herbs, leaves of various kinds

· Roots and Tubers such as yams and others.

· Berries

Were we happier then? Maybe. Anthropologist Marshall Sahlins called it "the original affluent society". We were certainly healthier, if we survived past 30 and clearly healthier mentally.

Civilizations taught us shit. We grew vegetables in it. And our rulers fed our minds with it. Kim's ass is the icon of post-industrial society.

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