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Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Omicron is a mutant.

Why oh why can we not have vaccines for the Kardashians? At least, we don't have new mutants, just the current celebrity cluster. And you don't have to pay attention to them. They are not a physical disease. Maybe a form of mental illness.

In the case of COVID, you also have genetic aberrants. With new variants like Omicron, vaccines made for one variant, don’t necessarily work for others.

According to some reports, Pfizer is just about 20% effective. Score one for the Antivaxxers.

So vaccines haven't made the problem go away. That doesn't mean that vaccines aren't the answer. We just need better ones.


What are the best vaccines?

The mRNA vaccines, for example, were designed for Alpha and had about 95% efficacy, although with disturbing side effects in some people.

With Delta, these vaccines delivered a maximum 88%, according to their makers – and more likely lower, according to real world reports -- with efficacy dropping fast after the second dose to below 50% after just four months, and almost nothing at 6 months.

Cuban vaccines such as Soberana designed on the basis of later variants including the virulent Beta form and Delta score almost 93 %, with efficacy lasting 50% longer. Taking into account the fact that they do not need refrigeration, the total cost of application for these vaccines is about 10% that of the American vaccines.

The Russian Sputnik vaccines were designed for Alpha but use a dual adenovirus delivery system that offers a wider spread of immune protection covering potential variants, an effect indicated in many studies. This immune effect lasts longer, past 6 months as confirmed by real world studies. By mid-January, Sputnik will be producing a booster tailored to Omicron. Again, the Russian vaccines are a fraction of the cost of the mRNA vaccines.

More bang for the buck.

Where is Omicron heading?

Months ago, I predicted new mutations on the horizon.

Omicron proves me right.

The main CoV viruses are zoonotic, cross-species organisms and that are constantly evolving.

COV-SARS 1 mutated from a disease with a very high fatality rate, into something more benign. So lots of people are hoping COV SARS 2 –the Big O COVID -- will be less dangerous than, say, Delta.

Initially the mostly anecdotal reports were that “so far” the cases had been mild. But most infections have been among younger people, who tend to show only mild symptoms But, in the UK,, where the virus is spreading very fast, there have been hospitalizations and at least one death. Obviously more people will die.

Among the few things we know about this virus, is that it is genetically unstable – which means it is more novel than th original COVID19 novel virus. So, it could mutate into something completely harmless -- or into something as lethal as the Bubonic Plague

There are NO COVID “experts”.

In situations like this, people want to trust “experts”. But where are the “experts” for something that didn’t exist before?

The experts at the WHO, who may or may not be experts say "don't panic". But I am not into Russian Roulette.

The CDC echoes the WHO with the caveat – “everything will be AOK if just get vaccinated with three shots of the old vaccine instead of two”. Does Fauci, who has come out as saying we don’t need an Omicron-specific vaccine, own stock in Pfizer I wonder?

Such advice is smart for public servants whose “public” consists of Bill Gates, who just happens to fund the WHO, Jeff Bezos who has made a few extra billions off COVID and Elon Musk who doesn’t much care. You, one of the People wait in line looking at the tail of the cow in front waiting for a bolt betw

een the eyes. Trust the cowboys. Be a happy, happy cow and later even happier as a hamburger.

The current vaccines available in the USA and its outlying colonies in Europe and Asia aren’t very effective against Omicron -- but better than nothing. And Delta is still around, so you need that booster.

The right booster would help a lot but you won’t get that soon without governmental action. The “Free World” is not “free” to buy Russian or Cuban vaccines because the Government must protect its pharma companies and newly minted billionaires. “Free enterprise” is un-American.

Sometimes “panic” is the only option

So please, please PANIC!

Imagine everyone panicking. People rioting. Massive and more less uncivil disobedience. Walmarts being looted of TVs, underwear and socks. Once the people start breaking windows to steal socks, the “Government” will have to do something. Unless of course, the socks were made in China.

Yeah, they—the “authorities” have the police and the military. But there are a lot more of us than them.

If shit hits the fun, maybe, just maybe, the highly Sputnik and Abdala vaccines might finally get authorized—which is important because with Omicron these vaccines are easier to tweak and produce than Big Pharma USA's hi-tech mRNA vaccines.

In three months, you could have a booster that actually works. Otherwise, wait until the summer by which time we should have a new mutant from Africa and we can start all over again. COVID is a bit like a smartphone. There’s a new model every year.

Idiots will say, “leave it to the experts”. Experts? Seriously? It’s a novel virus. And where are the experts for something that never existed until now.


One of my day jobs is as a media analyst.

What that means is that I look at the main stream media and sort through the propaganda, misinformation, disinformation and fakery, identifying omissions and contradictions. Sure, there is lots of “fake news” on the internet. But the biggest sources are media like CNN, MSNBC, the NYT and WaPo. The only reliable source – 100% so far-- is Wikileaks. And Julian Assange it being slowly executed for that Creepy Uncle Joe.

My work leads to conclusions, which inevitably generate predictions, or at least probabilities. In this area, I have a better record than Nate Silver. Yes, I predicted Brexit, the election of Trump, the divisive election of 2020, Biden's policies, recent events in Afghanistan -- and, in the health area, I predicted a pandemic long before COVID!

In other words, I am more than qualified to comment.

Believe me: the WHO is not the best source of information; nor is Big Pharma Fanboy Fauci and the CDC. They are just two of many sources and may differ. How many times have they changed their story? Do as I do --and look at the widest variety of sources—and the many contradictions—and be very, very afraid.


COVID19—alpha-- became COVID20—beta --then COVID21-- delta, If Covid is like the Kardashions, the earlier iterations are like the Kardashian girl’s obnoxious parents. And COVID 22—Omicron-- is more like Kim. Will COVID 23 be Kanye West? Maybe we should dispense with the Greek and call it Kanye. You get the point.

The Media love the Kardashians – they make bundles from these people whose only talent is their ability to appeal to the brain dead.. For Big Pharma, the COVID family is the biggest money maker since Viagra or maybe Oxy’.

Universal Vaccination

As usual, there is a simple answer to the confusion. Universal vaccination – worldwide.

Take smallpox…the first vaccine was developed in 1796 by Jenner.

In those days, only a few could get inoculated. Most of the world couldn’t. And the vaccine wasn't all that effective.

In colonial times, we used smallpox to wipe out indigenous populations and the Poor. In the 20th Century, smallpox still killed about 300 million people! We only eradicated the disease by vaccinating everyone worldwide, in the last half of the 20th Century.

As long as COVID vaccines are only available in Western countries, the pandemic will continue, if not worsen. Africa is just one large bioweapons lab.

So, what’s standing in our way?

In a word: the US of A.

OK -- actually, three words, which apparently stand for the United States of Assholes with its essentially imperial but insular “We are the World” psychology-- the World being wherever you can drive in an hour or maybe your stock portfolio and fuck you if you aren’t an American--or a pet Japanese or a Brit. Homo Sapiens Americanus.

The irony is that the mRNA vaccines were mostly funded by the taxpayer.

Sure, they often are distributed free – with the Government paying. But that’s your taxpayer money. The mRNA vaccines are patent protected – not that that makes much difference--since they are too expensive for a poorer country and require advanced refrigeration technology. Joseph Biden stutters bromides about the need for vaccines waivers while maintaining the “importance of intellectual property rights.

Genocide by any other name would smell as sweet.

Greed and Fear?

If you not scare by now, you’re just stupid. Or maybe an American, which is statistically at least the same thing as stupid.

Let us remember that we don’t know a lot even about the long-gone Alpha version of COVID.

Will COVID shorten the lifespan of an entire generation of younger people? Will today’s seniors outlive their juniors? The latter is a possibility, hopefully smaller rather than larger –except for me, since I am older.

But – with the US collapsing, and global climate disaster and massive human extinctions in the cards – does it matter? Your kids are going to die anyway. Don’t even think about grandkids. Bill Gates thinks that 6 billion people need to die before the world is habitable.

OK for him if that happens because a big die-off won’t affect him and his Billionaire friends who are investing in safe havens in places like New Zealand, and in bunkers and biodomes, which is not of interest to you unless, like Epstein they are having sex with 16 year old whores.

Once again, please, please DO PANIC!

No, no, those showers are not for delousing – they are gas chambers.

Fear is a great motivator, and supports change.

Greed is also a great motivator and supports the status quo.

In Gordon Gekko country greed is good, evil is good. And freedom is something you buy – IF you have the money.

Covid is also a state of mind

COVID is not just a medical problem—it is a political and social problem. Russia as failed to defeat COVID for social reasons – the Russian people just don’t trust vaccines. They are conservative. And their government has less control over them than, say, the US which has failed in this area of health care as in so many others -- for social, economic AND political reasons despite its pretensions to “liberal” democracy.

I live in Japan. Like many people I got my shots months ago – when there were really just two choices – Pfizer and Moderna. My antibody levels now are down to almost zero. But the Japanese government is starting booster shots of the old vaccines, with plans to vaccinate everyone in a year – that, with a virus that is many times more resistant to mRNA vaccines than Beta and Delta and much more infectious. The Japanese trust American technology they say, although it is always three times more expensive than anyone else’s. And even though the US of A has the highest death rate for COVID than any other country.

China, which is now leading the US in many hi-tech areas, remains the ONLY country to have successfully defeated COVID to date.

Unlike the US, which is apparently run by one huge Drug Cartel, the People’s Republic IS the “people’s republic—prioritizing the public good, granted -- after many years of painful experimentation with what works and what doesn’t --developing a unique form of direct democracy. It’s still a work in progress. In the US, there is no progress, only regress.

If the Chinese and the Russians and Cubans are successful, COVID might be defeated. I vote for them. . I don't know about you-- but I trust success over failure.

For real success however, we need the US Empire, surely the most pernicious in human history—to collapse.

Then, we will only have to deal with the Kardashians. Their empire is forever. And they reproduce.

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Once again, please, please DO PANIC!

I remember coming across some words by an American politician who said to the effect that one comes across something so diabolical that it repels the mind that it could even be possible.

Watch this new docu posted by Martin Armstrong called Died Suddenly and well fear is indeed a great motivator!!

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