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The Return of ADHD?

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Today, digital networks and AI are socially centrifugal, decentralizing social systems.

"Cancel" culture and efforts by Big Tech and governments to control the Internet confirm rather than deny this expressing a reactionary need to control and regiment the tendency towards anarchistic autonomies--people opting out of the "system".

ADHD genes were useful for hunters in small-group, egalitarian, non-hierarchical Paleolithic societies but not for the "civilizations" that emerged in the Neolithic, which demanded conformity, not invention.. Were ADHD genes selected out? Or suppressed epigenetically? In any case, the number of people with DrD4 R7 dropped drastically from as much as 30% to less than 3%

In the last decade there as been a huge increase in the percentage of people diagnosed to well over 10%. DrD4 R7 is back.

Why? We need creativity, innovation, spontaneity and engagement with reality as well as normativity.


ADHD & the Return of the Hunter

Pete Turner


"My grandmother ... that there is a tendency in today’s society to give labels to everyone who has a certain kind of personality. But large groups of people cannot so easily be lumped into one category, despite our love to order and ‘box’ things. In reality, ADHD is just a term given to people that seem to exhibit many characteristics that themselves are toward a certain end of a spectrum. "

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